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Hi! I'm Khoa

I'm a software engineer. I was born in 1987 (you can do the math) and grew up in Middle Vietnam. I have first job about develop software from 03-2009.

Now I am a Technical Manager at ORO Viet Nam. I've written code for:

  • ICare Benefits
  • VietNamWorks
  • Gianty
  • Some Other Companies

I love to work with cutting edge technical and I also love to build products that help people improve their life. I spent sometimes to contribute to opensource world included Mattermost, Magento PWA.

My mainly experience about PHP. In last 4 years, I have done 3 Magento Ecommerce Websites and I will continue invest my time to Ecommerce field.

Contact me via email if you need anything that I can help.